Apostle Johnson Suleman speaks…
There are diverse assumptions, there are people who assumes to be students until time of examination. When it’s time for ratification they know that they are never students at all. There are people who assume, now even if they know they are never students, it can be corrected but they will have to wait for another extra year. Meaning, one year is wasted, is that true?
There are people who assume they can be good married men until they are married. When they are married, it dawn on them that they are not mature enough. There are ladies who are praying for partners, “I want to settle down, give me a husband” and when the man comes, it now dawn on them that they are not actually prepared for marriage.
But it can be rectified. Assumptions!
There are people who prays for better jobs, when the job finally come, they discover they don’t have the stamina to stay under someone’s control. Little rebellion, little reaction begin to come out.

Then they discover they are not properly groomed enough to put their heads down. The job disciplines them. The church teaches them out to align to leadership.
It can be rectified.
But there’s something that can’t be rectified, IS TO ASSUME YOU ARE GOING TO HEAVEN WHEN YOU FINALLY GET TO HELL.
It can’t be rectified!
That’s an assumption that can’t be corrected.

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