Ma, your goal here is not to be on a diet and slim to fashion, your goal is to be on your kneels, until your prayers slim the number of souls that sin have fashioned for hell
Ma, our goal ain’t to expose our body and seduce men, our goal is to expose the nature of Christ and totally reduce the demons terrorizing our world

Ma, you mean you are still bothered about being the hottest girl in town? When your altar is the coldest in Zion? Ma, i heard you are part of “Pepper dhem Gang” and you are busy peppering them online, but did you forget that you are the salt of the world? You are supposed to be in “Salt Gang”. Can’t you see, that the reason the World is tasteless is because the salt of the world, decided to become pepper
Ma, for years, you have been subscribing, just to chat, browse and download porns. But not anymore, it is time to subscribe to eternal night plan, it is time to browse through portals on your knees, it is time to chat with immortality, it is time to download realities and remain connected to the secret place until the government of Christ is installed on Earth
I refuse to slay, i choose to pray, i am tired of men seeing me and whistling, let demons see me and scream, i am tired of telling people sorry, when they are sick, i want to make sickness so sick that it can’t make anyone sick again
Don’t mind the fact that our voice might sound tiny, when we groan in tongues, creation hear us
If a man can lay his head on Delilah laps and loose his hair, a demon can lay his leg in my territory and loose his life.

If a lady can dance and get the head of a prophet, i can groan and get the head of Principalities
I want to deposit so much power on earth, and withdraw souls from the clutches of sin, yes i want to make hell bankrupt of souls
The Bible said “The devil is moving around like a lion” but not anymore…
We choose to tarry until we carry a fire, that will consume the World and make it too hot for the devil to visit….
The devil might be able to stand the heat of hell, but can he stand the heat coming from a woman who carries the fire of THE HOLY SPIRIT???

We might not be beautiful enough to win Miss World

We are firefull enough to burn the World

Share this to everyone ……to keep the fire 🔥 🔥 the burning.

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