This message isn’t for everybody, is for particular set of people
As I’m typing this message I’m blasting in heavy tongues of fire
God punish that bastardized devil and his cohorts
We must take back our place of destiny
Don’t skip
you can’t go through it and still remain normal, never
I’m not trivializing the place of waiting, No sir
But why is it when the kingdom of darkness recruit a soul newly the first assignment to give them is soul winning in other to advance their kingdom?
And you that has been recruited in the kingdom of God for donkey years, what have you done to advance the kingdom?
why are you so complacent about your destiny fulfilment
Do you have eternity to fulfil that glorious destiny
Why do you refuse to manifest your divine deposit
Every time you’re given one excuse or the other
It’s my weakness
Why are you so afraid of the pain of rejection and yet you’re aware that without pain the will be no gain, it’s a law
You don’t want to quit that relationship and you know certainly the foundation is ungodly but you’re given excuse that God will change him
don’t be deceive by the flatters of men

What God isn’t the Alpha He can’t be the Omega,
My beloved, are you alright at all?
Check it na
Why can’t you read the handwriting on the wall
There’s a heavy prophecy on your head seeking for expression
Why can’t you align yourself and allow it to find expression?
Do you know that your rising is the rising of millions
Likewise your restoration
Will you allow hell to bargain with your glorious destiny- kai God forbid
But why are you accepting their offer
Oh my God
Will you still continue to be normal from today
Whereas its abnormal to be normal in this world of abnormalities
Come out from your comfort zone Ma,
Divinity is beckoning on you
Can you hear the whispers of the immortals
Can you remember those vision and dream of yours
Remember no pain no gain
No test no testimony
No story no glory
No ridicule and obstacle no miracle
No trial no triumph
But your pain can’t be compared with your gain
Neither your suffering with your glory
Get abnormal and roar in the spirit right now
If I perish I perish
I will no longer obey the whisper of the devil in my soul
You devil get lost in the mighty name of Jesus Christ
I’m no longer a slave to sin, never
I will no longer approve the coordination of hell through my body
I will no longer obey the leading of my flesh
Oh spirit of God fire me up
Set my heart on fire and cause me to burn continually
And lead me in your path….
Be desperately desperate if you’re the one I’m talking to
Enough is Enough
I declare you Arise by the power of the Holy ghost and take up your place of destiny
You’re in charge from now henceforth
Get abnormal in your spirit and roar
I’m in charge
Holy ghost takeover…… your prayers

© Pristhood channel

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