When the unveiling begins many there will lot counterfeit that will rise
But you know what? , in the days of the unveiling, the holy ghost will reveal who he fell on.
We have so many counterfeit, so many fake, so many things going side by side.
And men have forgeten that you can never rise in glory except there was a season when you wasted.

Is out of the ashes of your dying that a new day breaks and in that day of destiny you are given a spirit of judge to turn the beast of reckless wicked that has wasted the territory to turn back to flight.
That’s why the Bible says they quench the violence fire, the escape the edge of the sword, they stop the mouth of lion and then the army of the aliens to flight
Those are men that have wasted for long.
You have not credits, you have no megabits in your name if you have not wasted long.
It is only through your life we will know what the holy ghost is doing.
It only men who have record of wasting that can rise in glory.
Wasting men are about to rise.

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